Recording Services.

Whether you are a band, singer songwriter, voice over specialist or spoken word artist. If you are a seasoned recording pro or if this is the first time you will be in a professional studio, we are looking forward to working with you and provide an enjoyable recording experience.
The services we offer include:

Other Products & Services:

LSF Studio Services offers the LSF472 mic-pre amp for sale. The 472 is a 2U rack mount unit that contains 4 Neve 1272 line amp circuits modified to work as microphone pre amps. The 472 provides polarity, input impedeance selection, and phantom power to the unique Neve sound.

We provide custom racking of vintage components including enclosure design and fabrication, power supply specification and assembly, on-site studio repair, deck alignments and other audio design, and consulting work. Please give us a call if you require any of these services.

See our Design Site at: LSF Design for more information and our capabilities.