Studio Policies

The following policies are intended to serve as the working agreement between LSF and our clients. We can be flexible with regard to some of the guidlines below, please ask us if you have any questions or concerns.

- The Client is responsible for all monies due to Long Sought for Sound, and shall make payment to the studio at the end of each session. Block rate charges must be paid in advance or at the end of the first day used in the block. The studio fee and any media charges should be paid to Long Sought for Sound in cash, check or credit card (PayPal).

- Billing begins at the start of the booked time for the session not when the client arrives. Please try and arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your booked time to allow for setup.

- Long Sought for Sound shall endeavour to secure all recording media (all master tapes, slaves, final mixes, DATs, CD-Rs, minidiscs, cassettes, and all other media storage devices) owned by the Client, and left or stored on Studio premises, but is not responsible for loss or damage.

- In the event of loss to or damage of the Clients recording media due to willful negligence, Long Sought for Sound shall be responsible for replacement of no more than the value of the total replacement cost of the unrecorded tape and studio time to date devoted to said recording media.

- Long Sought for Sound shall endeavour to secure all other property left on the premises by the Client, (other than recording media) but is not responsible for loss due to theft, fire, act of God, or any other un-named occurrence.

- Any Clients' recording media left on premises ____30____ days after completion of last recording session or service shall become the property of Long Sought for Sound if all monies due have not been paid.

- Receipt of media from Long Sought for Sound to the Client is acknowledgement between both parties that the quality of all services rendered by the Studio is satisfactory to the Client and shall release Long Sought for Sound from any and all liability regarding said recording media and services rendered.

- The Client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to Long Sought for Sound property incurred by the Client, employees of the Client, guests of the Client, or agents of the Client acting under the Client's instruction as a result of misuse, negligence, and/or carelessness.

- Long Sought for Sound respects the security and privacy of the Client's artistic work and will not release or otherwise distribute any of the Client's material without the express consent of the Client.

- Long Sought for Sound is a drug-free studio. You can smoke cigarettes outside, there are a couple of convienience stores and a Dunkin Donuts nearby which have coffee, soda, snacks etc...

- If you bring or order your own food, it needs to stay away from microphones and gear.

- Please don't litter outside or inside; there are trash barrels insode and outside the studio.

- Guests are welcome, but we encourage you to invite only those people who will be useful to your project or your personal sanity. Unfortunatly, the control room is small and too many people in there is distracting to us and to you.